Dec 13, 2018

2018 in Review

Looking back

As we approach the end of 2018 we wanted to reflect on the projects that have given each member of the Ronnoco team the most enjoyment this year. Every project has a story to tell, a process we followed, an idea that turned into a strategy but some projects impact us more than that. The team were asked to pick one standout and explain why.

Jayne — Vivo Chiropractic

Vivo Chiropractic was one of the first projects I was involved in when I arrived at Ronnoco. Being new to the business and the design world I found the process of how the boys came to develop the brand from the initial workshop with Warren to the end project really interesting. I love how the brand really reflects Warren’s natural and progressive approach to healing. It was my first taste of many great things to come out of the Ronnoco Studio in 2018. 

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Jodi — Everymind

A project for Everymind, Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces - A Toolkit for Anaesthetic Departments is my pick of the year. The brief was to transform a standard Word document into an interactive, image-rich toolkit to support better mental health and wellbeing for anaesthetists and anaesthetic trainees. 

I loved the opportunity to get my geek on with this project, combining an extensive stylesheet build, on-page animation and interactivity. Plus we hadn't worked on anything quite like this before so the challenge to deliver was all the more enjoyable. It took a significant amount of time to complete but the client was over the moon and we added a new skill to our studio arsenal, win-win!


Andrew — Facilities First

Within the design process, it is always a great feeling when you get that 'aha' moment. The moment where everything just clicks so well that you can't believe you hadn't thought of it already. This is epitomised by the Facilities First brand. Clean, simplistic styling of a subtle combination of the two ‘F’s’ into a holistic diamond shape reflects the importance of collaboration and cohesion of the Facilities First team. 

Personally, I loved the depth and large scale of the whole brand rollout. The brand resource was extensive and deciphering the idiosyncrasies and specifics of the brand’s inner workings and presenting them flexibly in a range of mediums was an enjoyable challenge.

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Raz — GWH

The opportunity to collaborate with the GWH marketing team following an overhaul of their brand strategy proved to be one of my most enjoyable projects this year.

The challenge of developing and delivering an experience that aligns with a strategy is a delicate balance but through a combination of large lush images, plenty of white breathing space and some subtle parallax effects we successfully presented the GWH brand with clarity, transparency and confidence.

If I were to pick one aspect of the project that was the most rewarding then it would be telling the story of their capabilities. The brief was simple, communicate the GWH Way - an end to end interconnected project delivery solution - through an engaging web-based animation. The result took some time to get the balance of story and simplicity just right but in the end, the octagonal linear solution proved to be perfect. 

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Looking forward

Bring on 2019. With some exciting projects already in progress, we're looking forward to more challenges that can stretch us and help us grow. If you think you've got a perfect brief for us then get in touch for a chat. We look forward to meeting you.