GWH is an independent commercial, industrial and residential property builder and developer with more than 20 years of history, 350 happy clients and over $1 billion of completed projects in Newcastle, NSW and the surrounding region. Ronnoco were engaged to design and develop a new website for GWH, in conjunction with their internal rebrand and repositioning program, which complemented their premium positioning and focused on transparency across their achievements, process and capabilities. 


In October 2017, GWH undertook a change management and rebranding program with The Brand Sensemaker, the key focus of which was a complete overhaul of their brand strategy as well as a full review of their purpose, values and their audience value proposition. In short, they wanted to rediscover the ‘Why’ of ‘what’ they do.

Working closely with the GWH internal marketing team, we first mapped out the user experience to ensure delivery of the content was maximised across all focus areas of the new website. We then designed a clean and impactful visual experience that showcases their purpose as a business, champions their development achievements with full-screen imagery, presents copy content with clarity and white space and developed a custom animated capabilities component to tell the story of The GWH Way.

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"Ronnoco have been an integral part of GWH’s recent repositioning, designing and developing our new website. Their focus from the outset was to understand and then deliver on our strategy. This coupled with their unbridled passion and creativity has meant the design and development process was very clear and ran seamlessly. The result is an easy to navigate, beautifully visual website we are very proud of."

Shannon Hutton — Marketing + Communications Manager, GWH


UX / Website

Photography Jon Reid / Development Zimple Digital

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