We are Ronnoco

Formed in 2011, Ronnoco is led by experienced graphic designers Raz and Jodi O’Connor. With individual specialisms in design, branding, management and strategic thinking, Ronnoco has a collective love for connecting businesses with their audience with clarity, authenticity and personality.

Jodi - Managing Director

Jodi’s love for helping other businesses and flair for developing long-lasting relationships make her the perfect person to manage Ronnoco’s business and client accounts.

Jodi’s proficiencies were fine-tuned in London, where she worked at a major magazine publisher and added management, business analytics, workflow consultation, business systems, and training to her arsenal.

Jodi’s skills are built upon a foundation of design knowledge, understanding and experience. She began her career in graphic design, working first as a designer and then as an art director at a screen and offset printers in Newcastle. As technology and design have changed, Jodi’s technical abilities have grown to match them.

Since returning to Australia in 2010, Jo has focused her passion for business on managing the Ronnoco studio and keeping us accountable to our clients. She is the good angel on our shoulders— we don’t know what we’d do without her.

Raz - Creative Director

Raz is responsible for overseeing all creative output at Ronnoco and is driven by a passion for user and audience-centric design. His experience extends across local and global brands, from emerging new businesses to household names.

Raz is a strategic and creative resource for our clients. Every step of the way, he aligns inspiration, business objectives and storytelling to create powerful and distinct experiences for audiences.

Raz was born and bred in North London. After training in graphic design, he began his career with several small London agencies before taking a senior position in a major advertising agency.

In 2006, Raz took the decision to go freelance, concentrating on branding and the emerging web. He attracted major clients from the arts and healthcare sectors, furthering his skills in user-experience based web design and brand management. 

In 2010, he relocated to Australia and established the Ronnoco studio with Jodi by his side.

Small is beautiful

Ronnoco is small but mighty. Our size gives us flexibility, helps us to stay grounded, and lets us be truly creative. When our clients come to us they’re getting the real deal: skilled designers and experienced project managers who are driven by a desire to help businesses engage audiences with an authentic voice. When the work demands additional expertise we collaborate with other specialists to achieve the very best results for our clients.

Simple is clever

We like to keep things simple. Small team, clean design, clear messaging. That doesn’t mean we can’t think big. The truth is, it takes smarts to find the essence of a brand and communicate that clearly, with design simplicity. The people of the Hunter are known for getting right to the heart of the matter. We think we fit right in.