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Vivo Chiropractic is the creation of Warren Tse. After working as a Chiropractor for many years decided to branch out and create something of his own. Warren works with you and your nervous system with a multi-technique approach to create a personalised healing plan so you can live with freedom. Ronnoco were engaged to harness this individuality and to create a strong brand identity in order to best represent the progressive nature of Warren's approach.


From the beginning, our aim was to create something that not only reflected the Vivo core values but would also stand out from the norm in the Chiropractic industry. Vivo means 'to support life'. Just as a spine supports all human beings every day, the spine on a leaf supports its veins and in turn, the leaf supports us and all life on Earth. Loose circles and uneven joins represent the subtle differences in each patient encountered. Every single person (and leaf) is different. Through a warm and varied colour space and hand-drawn imagery, we produced an all-encompassing brand identity from the ground up with strong values and themes of 'supporting all life' at the core of it.

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Strategy / Naming / Brand Identity / Positioning / Copywriting / Website / Photography / Signage / Print

Copywriting Kim-Cherie Davidson / Photography Edge Commercial Photography / Development Hyperweb

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