Innovation Launchpad


The Innovation Launchpad was created by the NSW Energy & Resource Knowledge Hub in order to advance jobs growth in the energy and resources sector by providing a collaborative testing facility to commercialise innovation. The physical hub, based within the Energy and Resources (NIER) precinct at the University of Newcastle, will bring together businesses and researchers to collaborate on solution design, validation and deployment phases to bring tried and tested new products to market. Ronnoco were engaged to design and produce a tender proposal document in order to secure funds for The Innovation Launchpad to help innovative SMEs overcome common barriers to commercialisation and provide an enduring solution for the NSW economy. 


Building upon the existing brand mark, Ronnoco developed an impactful and energetic styling to this important tender document. By adopting a modern and fresh approach to layout, imagery and typography we injected an enthusiastic edge to the proposal in order to present the content with a sense of excitement and urgency which matched the proposal's message of the benefits of the collision between innovation, acceleration and technology. 


Creative Direction / Publication Design / Print

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