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Hand Therapy Centre


Since 2005, Hand Therapy Centre have been dedicated to providing expert treatment for a range of conditions, from hand and wrist injuries to nerve damage and osteoarthritis. The team of highly skilled therapists take a holistic approach to rehabilitation, using their extensive clinical experience and personalised approach to set them apart from other hand therapists. This approach not only distinguishes them but also contributes to their superior outcomes. Ronnoco were engaged to develop a contemporary brand identity and positioning that reflects their personalised approach and their inclusive caring personality.


Through our brand discovery process, we uncovered the inspiring story of Hand Therapy Centre - a team of highly skilled therapists who are passionately dedicated to providing complete rehabilitative care. Building upon this insight, we developed a resonant tagline, 'Bringing hands back to lives', which captures the essence of their story. Our team also crafted a unique brand mark that features a pair of cupped hands, symbolising their commitment to helping patients reclaim their lives. This brand identity was further enhanced by a fresh, inviting colour palette and a simple, clean look and feel that conveys the professionalism and expertise of the Hand Therapy Centre.

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