Jul 25, 2019

Get over yourself

Collaboration is human nature

We all know how important collaboration is, but that doesn’t make it easy. Collaboration requires individuals to work together for a common goal but when the goals are misaligned, unclear or uncommunicated then sparks can fly.

It should be easier, you would think since collaboration is human nature and has been around as long as humans have. Get a group of mates together from the village to help you catch that large mammal and you’ll all be enjoying dinner far sooner than if you went after it alone.

Jeremy Rifkin suggests that human nature is fundamentally empathic and cooperative rather than selfish and competitive. Our very nature is far more caring, loving and empathic than we have been educated to believe. 

Finding ways to collaborate effectively with our team, our partners and our clients is key to our collective success and ultimately our happiness. 

From a team perspective its the sharing of ideas, open critique and learning from each other that develops a healthy culture of collaboration and produces creative that sings rather than mumbles.

From a partner perspective, it's valuing and respecting their expertise to enable and enhance the best outcome for the project and the client. After all, they're on your call list because you know they deliver. 

From a client perspective it's about being able to deeply relate and listen, really listen. While we may be experts in design and brand development, our clients are also experts in their fields and we can learn a lot from them. By asking questions, we challenge notions and understand objectives.

Ronnoco is small but mighty. Our size gives us the flexibility to collaborate with our specialist partners to achieve the very best results for our clients. When collaboration works it's like a family coming together and when the client is truly engaged in that process too then collectively we can achieve outstanding results that meet both business and audience needs and desires.

Raz O'Connor