Feb 21, 2019

Competition is a ghost.

Your greatest competition is yourself

Marketing wisdom tells us to know your competition. Because what better way to outsmart and outsell them than by finding out what they do and do it better? Right? Wrong.

"Competition is a ghost. No matter what vertical you’re in, there’s someone better, smarter, stronger, wealthier than you. And if you take the title spot, it is only a matter of time before you’re surpassed."

— David Sherry of Death To Stock + Creative Caffeine

Why worry about your competition? Look inward rather than outward, concentrate on your thing, your point of difference, your passion, rather than emulating or chasing someone else's and then focus on attracting business/clients/customers to your way. Find your 'why' and run with it.

When you stop focusing on your competition but instead become conscious of and comfortable with what they do you'll be free to focus on yourself. If you know yourself and stand by your beliefs, you will be consistent with your own message, not responsive. Being a disrupter or a trailblazer is about finding your own space and living and breathing it.
At Ronnoco we help our clients look inward with a collaboration between our creative team and our client. We dig deep to find out what they stand for as a business and help them articulate that with simplicity and clarity. Once you establish that position, you can benchmark every brand decision against a firm foundation. 

Successful brands are genuine. They resonate with their customers and attract the ones who identify with your purpose. They provide a daily reminder of who you are and gives confidence to the people around you that they're living and working the values of your company culture.
Look inward, not outward and find your real purpose.

Raz O'Connor